Káma ku Kafé - Bed and Breakfast

Opened in September 2007 after extensive refurbishments, the B&B is on the floor above the Kusa di Kása restaurant.
The B&B has an amazing view of the sea: there is nothing but the Atlantic Ocean between you and the South Pole!
The three rooms, fully furnished in traditional bamboo furniture, are simple, functional and cosy.
One room has a private bathroom and the other two rooms share a bathroom.
Both bathrooms have hot and cold water and there is a safe in reception.

Rates - breakfast included - :

  • Room with private bathroom:
    single (occupying a double room) 4500 cve
    double (double room) 5000 cve
  • Room with shared bathroom:
    single (occupying a double room) 3500 cve
    double (double room) 4000 cve
  • Additional bed: 2000 cve

    (Ł1 Sterling is roughly equivalent to 159 Escudos – variable exchange rate)
    (1 EUR= 110.265 CVE –fixed exchange rate)

    KÁMA KU KAFÉ - Bed and Breakfast
    Estrada Principal de acesso á Cidade Velha - Cidade Velha (12 kms from Praia)
    Ilha de Santiago - CABO VERDE
    tel. 9 728244 - 2 671170 - e-mail: kamakukafe@hotmail.com