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Isole Capo Verde Caboverde Cabo Verde Capoverde

L'Autore - The Author
  • Konstantin Alexander Richter

    Born in 1962, in Germany, grown up in Portugal and Brazil. Musical classes of piano from 5 years on, composition, drums and south American panpipes from 15 years on. Various recordings with several musicians in German studios. B.A in Communication design/illustration, Technological Faculty of Design, Hamburg, post graduation in Urban Spatial Planning, Technical University of Poznan, Poland, Faculty of Architecture. Initiated Ph.D. program in “Patrimony and History” (History of Arts) at University of Madeira in 2007.

    Many years experience teaching the disciplines of Visual education, design/painting, illustration, animation, visual communication and techniques of graphic design. Exercised various functions of coordination in professional schools and at Technological Faculty of Design, Hamburg. Realised and participated in various graphic projects.

    Since the academic year 2003/2004 assistant Professor at Jean Piaget University, Cape Verde, in the disciplines of Patrimony, History of Architecture and Design, such as scientific co-ordinator of the area of Fine Arts. Director of Forum UNESCO in Cape Verde from 2003 till 2005.

    Co-ordinator of Archaeological project of excavation of the first Church built in the tropics, Cidade Velha, joint venture project between University Jean Piaget of Cape Verde, Ministry of Culture of Cape Verde, Archaeological Department of University of Cambridge (UK) and the British Museum of London. He speaks German, Portuguese, Creole, Spanish, English, some French and Italian.

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